Thursday, December 18, 2008


Here's a few self portrait drawings, 
I really do not enjoy doing self portraits, I have a lot of difficulty imagining what I really look like. Even when looking in a mirror I have trouble narrowing down my actual real physical attributes from I used to look like or what I'd ideally like to look like. Actually, my portraits of any individuals are probably not true representations of what they really look like, but only as how I view them. It's much easier drawing someone I know nothing about. 

Used a mirror for this one, the proportions are off. It's my least favorite... and rather difficult for me to look at. 

Used a mirror again, But I think it's okay, a little boring maybe.

This ones probably my favorite, I used a photo... When it was finished I discovered that my whole face needed to be longer, it's weird how you can spend hours on something and not realize such a huge flaw until after it's done. 

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