Monday, September 8, 2008

Previous examples

FALL 2007
Circa fall 2007 I picked up climbing as new diversion from schoolwork, so it wasn’t long before mountaineering found its way into my thoughts and consequently my artwork. I’m posting two paintings done for one of my classes last year. They’re both relatively famous individuals and though they have names and titles, the weather that years of adventuring caused bears a much closer resemblance to who they really are. I found that opposed to the beauty of glamour magazines and lip-gloss, these individuals display a far more beautiful idea. They did not just exist, they lived.

FA07 Painting 1: Sir Richard Branson
oil on canvas

FA07 Painting 1: Reinhold Messner
oil on canvas

FA08 : Sir Edmund Hillary
oil on canvas

Summer '08

These are recruiting posters made for the UW-Stout Women's Rugby team. They were inspired by poster art from the 1940's and 50's which was a time period when (due to the war and lack of young men to fill jobs) women were encouraged to over look the stereotype and do things usually reserved for men, like finding jobs and bringing home the bacon. Likewise these posters were designed to inspire women to break stereotype and join a more aggressive club sport which is mostly dominated by men. They were both done on Adobe Photoshop CS3.