Thursday, February 4, 2010

Intro and Art Lessons reading

Drawing III Spring 2010
Hi everyone, my name is Andrea Kappelman, I'm a studio major with a drawing emphasis. This is my last semester here so in this class I hope to create some work for my senior show which will be held at the end of April, the show also features fellow drawing major Kalyn Meisner, and ceramists Adam Gruetzmacher, and Sean Larson. I plan to exhibit portraiture in the show, although I'm also interested in
illustration, photography, printmaking and graphic design. Next fall I'm planning an excursion to Kathmandu, a volunteering opportunity has arisen at a women's center there where I'll be able to immerse myself in the culture which already holds a strong influence on my art. Check out the rest of this blog if you'd like to read more about me or look at some of my work.

Reading Review:

I've actually already read Art Lessons. What I love the most is that author frequently encourages the reader to travel. In the book we are instructed to, “Learn about others through reading, dialogue, and the media, but especially, find opportunities to know the world through travel. Only by getting to know another people directly can you counter pervasive ideologies of the enemy. Be voracious in your appetite for art, I would even suggest that you can be indiscriminate. Look at everything, from the art in the world’s greatest museums to street artists hawking their wares. Develop your won aesthetic sensibility by looking.”
Like many young adults facing college graduation, travel is highly appealing to me. Alien cultures hold many fascinations, and since I’ve always been a hands-on learner immersing myself in a culture would likely be the most effective way to understand it. The book gave me ideas to help back the argument with my parents, who I am hoping to persuade not only approve of letting their oldest daughter
travel, but to also (fingers crossed) help fund said adventures. “Dear Mom and Dad, I recent found out that many artists find that travel is congenial to their work. Great artists and their locations include: Monet and the Mediterranean, Robert Henri and Ireland, Betsy Damon and China, and Ann McCoy and Poland. Perhaps add to that list Andrea Kappelman and Nepal?”