Thursday, December 18, 2008

Top 5

Here are some of my favorite drawings from this semester.
I've learned what some of my strengths and weaknesses are and developed a better eye for details. I've also learned basic anatomy, which I always struggled with before. (the other day I pulled out some old sketchbooks from middle-school and earlier, apparently I used to believe that the head was connected directly to the shoulders, and the rib cage was it's own floating entity around the spinal column (which looked kind of like one of those bendable drinking straws.)) I've also gained an appreciation for anatomical studies, I learned a lot from picking at the bones and skull then drawing them based on plainer changes. It's important for one to develop proficient technical skills so creative license can be used without any restrictions. I also feel that I've learned to slow down when drawing, I now look, think, then lay down a line. Whereas before I would lay down lines based on emotion or rough estimates of the actual location. So now my drawings are much more accurate and detailed. 

After about 4 or 5 lang drawings of the pelvis I finally came out with this one, which I'm pretty happy with. It's a segment from the full scale skeleton drawings, and probably my favorite part to look at in the whole drawing.

This skull took roughly an hour. I wanted to keep going but I didn't know what else to do, so i stopped out of fear of over working it. The teeth inspire regular flossing.

My feeling is that this was my only successful self-portrait, although it too is flawed. Indeed, I have never looked at myself for so long a period before.

Here's a 30 minute drawing of Charles. I think I could spend 30 days drawing him and never get bored. 

This was really the only long drawing we got to do of a live figure this semester. It still needs some anatomical work, his torso is too long and that forearm is driving me nuts.
It might be more fun to view on its side, it looks kind of like he's jumping. 
 I liked working in brown, that may become a more common color in my art.

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xenia elizabeth said...

You have such strong drawing skills and a powerful feel for fluidity in your drawings.

I'm looking forward to working with you again this semester and to hearing your plans for Life Drawing III.