Monday, November 10, 2008

Skeleton Drawings

Okay, Here are the finish photos for the full scale skeleton drawing.


Mid-Point, Full Scale, 3/4 back & 3/4 front view Skeleton Drawings

Hey everybody, I know this isn't the greatest picture but let me know 
what you think, and of any changes I should make. 
When it's finished I'll put up new pics and some detail shots too. 
peace Ninjas


Kalvin Yang said...

This looks great already. In fact, I couldn't keep my eyes off this work in class... just keep up your magic on this one!

Nicole said...

Maybe it's just the small resolution of the picture so I don't notice it, but I guess the only thing I could really suggest is putting more emphasis on the atmospheric perspective, perhaps more on the drawing on the right than the left.
But these are looking really nice!

Nou Chee said...

I love the back view. Nicely done, especially around the vertebrates and the ribs.

Julia said...

it is great. i am just starting to practice to draw it and you are gona be my idol in drawing skeletons))))))

Julia said...
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