Thursday, February 18, 2010

It felt good to start drawing again. Digitally drawing is fun and fast, but nothing satisfies neglected muscle memory like picking up a stick of perfectly sharpened charcoal and attacking a large sheet of blank paper. This piece was intended to be non-objective. I used the pictures I liked and weeded them down to the ones that would work well together visually. While I was drawing this I had no thoughts on it, I was completely focused on moving charcoal around the paper. The process was a very meditative experience. Afterwards it was interesting to step back, take a break, eat a sandwich, and come back to look at it with fresh eyes. Now I see something conceptual that must've been hiding in my subconscious. It carries a subject matter that touches on the life cycle, death, mortality, the aging process, misleading hope, narration, destination, mistakes, failures, and process. It's interesting that out of the 100 pictures I took, my subconscious decided upon 3 photos that spoke of a similar subject matter.

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lordmarcus said...

I really like what the stairs add to the composition. Also there some little moments in the hole that are really great.