Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Back for another helping of Life Drawing II!Holy crust, months without a visit! I have neglected this poor blog, it's a good thing I don't have children!
It was kind of weird to go back and look at some
of my old stuff, I'm a little embarrassed... it's so hard not to delete it. But, I also have a lot of new goods to post.

here's an update:
I'm currently working full-time at a photography studio near Green Bay. And I have a few credits left to finish on my degree, so I'm commuting 200 miles to class on wednesdays. Crazy right?! RIGHT?!
This semester I would like to incorporate some photography into my work, since I now have a studio at my disposal. But I also need to work with my hands. So expect more drawing, and model building as well. I'd like to do some costume building too.

Lately I have been thinking a lot (ok, more than usual) abou
t aging and mortality. Not in a gruesome way. I think the aging process is a beautiful thing. In fact, when I'm 90 and in a nursing home, I'm going to go around wearing sweatpants with the word "juicy" printed on the butt for the purpose of making all the other old people jealous. J/K... (not really).

I think time is relative. There are days when I have no concept of time, with
out a watch I can't tell 15 minutes from 3 hours. It's gotten a lot worse lately. Early onset dementia? Probably not.
Maybe just some bad juju for cracking old person jokes.
In all honesty, I joke about old people and death because I can't stop thinking about old people and death.

Anyway, enough babble.
Here's some recent stuff.

Here's an i.p. of the next painting.
I like to draw my paintings a few times, and then paint them from memory.

This next series is "the naked aphrodite"
She is no more, due to a tragic moving accident.

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