Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Expression study

These are just a few examples of a study I did on expressions.
I have about 30 total, but these are my favorites. They're each 4in x 4in, and done with white acrylic paint and charcoal. I really like the way charcoal mixes with acrylic. It gives everything a warm, grainy look... almost like dry brushing.


Kalyn said...

I Like! I was really trying to pick out anyone I knew! haha. what is the scale??? are those the drawing you are bringing in Monday??
They reminded me a lot of a series I did a year ago!!
weird....have a looksy.....

keep up the good work lady!

xenia elizabeth said...

I know what you mean about mixing acrylic with charcoal--it can have surprising effects.

If you'd like to bring some of those materials into class, go for it. I've thought about having you guys do studies with black and white acrylic paint anyway.

I copied and rotated and cropped one of your images to show you how much nicer it can look if you do that. I'll post them on the LD II class blog.

lordmarcus said...

Of these, I think the most successful ones are those with a slight 3/4 view. It gives a much more interesting composition. Also, you can describe the forms of the face better with that angle. It shows a little more depth especially at this small of scale.

I really enjoyed these though, and it would be great to see more of them throughout the semester.