Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Attention Deficit

Everything has the potential to become art. Everything man made is designed or engineered, from the wrapper of your dollar menu fast food burger, the lighting in this very room, your neighbors candy colored vehicle, and even the discarded cigmo butts which litter the sidewalk. To an artistically observant person even the most mundane environment can cause sensory overload. Teachers encourage future intellects to block out exterior stimulation through concentration. It’s my belief that the simple act of observation is too rarely practiced. It is a pity that the contentment and also the entertainment one can get from letting their mind wander is often restricted.  Conversely, I’ve thrown my Adderall to the dogs and embraced nomadic thoughts in opposition to regimented focus. My ideation is constantly reversing, shifting, and expanding. Which is okay, directions are for destinations. My art has no destination; it is simply meant to be observed, to be absorbed, and to inspire the viewer to free their psyche. 

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lordmarcus said...

I really enjoyed this Andrea! Well written and well stated.